The Voltia Group (under the name Greenway or Greenway Operator) has earned European-wide recognition due to our expertise in electromobility and battery technology. We have also been selected as a local partner by the European Union to work on a number of projects to develop and deploy technologies that advance electromobility.

2016 European Sustainable Energy Leader

sustainable energy

Voltia, under the name Greenway Operator, was named one of the top three companies in Europe in 2016 for outstanding innovations in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

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Horizon 2020 Everlasting Project


In recognition of our in-house battery technology development expertise, we are a part of the Horizon 2020 Everlasting (Electric Vehicle Enhanced Range, Lifetime, and Safety through INGenous battery management) project consortium to strengthen the capabilities of lithium ion batteries.

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Green Hubs

This project is a part of the TEN-T program to fund high priority transportation infrastructure projects to support the movement of people and goods throughout the EU.

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Central European Green Corridors

The project aims at deploying infrastructure in Central Europe to make the driving of vehicles with an electric power train a viable alternative to vehicles with internal combustion engines. CEGC focused on the roll out of the technologies ready for mass market deployment in the short term and conducting studies examining what would be required for roll-out that in the mid-term (future customers, clean energy for transport, network planning), thereby opening the market to an even larger customer base in the future.

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